Custom Hand Crafted Made To Order Sandals

It is very important to us that we stay true to the tradition of the Capri sandal. Our soles and jewelry are manufactured by the same vendors that most of the Capri cobblers use on the island.

The Soles

Our soles are made by stitching, never gluing, thinner layers of leather soles together. Our soles contain a steel shank for support, comfort and durability and are made in Italy by the same vendors that make the soles for most of the cobblers in Capri.

The Straps

Our straps are made of calf leather and lamb skin. We nail the leather to the sole, never using glue, just like the cobblers in Capri. We want you to be able to wear your shoes for a long, long time.

The Heels

As in Capri, our heels are wood covered in leather and contain a protective bottom to decrease slipping and increase longevity of the heel. We offer two size heels. The Giovanna heel is similar to a flat and is the recommended heel for our Bella sandal. The Alexa heel is by far the most popular on the Island of Capri. It is perfect for walking up the hills and cobblestones on the island. In the US, you could do everything from working all day to going out all evening.

The Jewelry

Many of our pieces are styles our owner has created. In addition, we try to limit the quantity of jewelry in circulation so many of the styles do not get reordered. This is to assure the exclusivity of the style as well as allowing us to continually provide new styles to our customers.

The Fit

We provide sizes to accommodate children as well as adults. On our Custom Fit page, you will find a pattern as well as helpful hints to assist in choosing the correct sandal size.

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